Benefits How Good is Glasslock - Clean & Fresh Products

Convenient Use

Drop Test

Glasslock will not easily break due to its high solidity. This is the reason why Glasslock is called Tempered Safety Glass.

Freshness Test

Keep Food Fresh Much Longer. Glasslock has an excellent oxidation resistant function.

Leak Test

Leak Free & Odor Free. Specially designed silicone gasket will keep absolute watertight & air-tight function. No more bad smell in your refrigerator.

Stain Removal Test

Stain Free - Easy to Wash. Do not worry about any kind of greasy food. You can simply wash it out. All stains will fade away. Only Glasslock will be shine and be clean.

Open Up Test

Easy Open & Close. Ergonomically designed locking system will help convenient open and close.

Temperature Resistance

Kitchen Appliances Friendly. Glasslock has temperature resistance function ranging from -20°C to 120°C.