About Know better about Glasslock - Clean & Fresh Products

What is Glasslock?

Environmental friendly - BPA Free, No melamine & No dioxon

Tempered Glass Food Container - 3 times stronger than normal glass

Clean and Shining Food Container - Stain Free & Odor Free Perfect for food storage - Keeps much longer food freshness

Kitchen appliances friendly - Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Durable & Safe


BPA free

Estrogen free



BPA Free

Plastic container contain BPA which causes health problems. For example:

Estrogen Free

Glasslock is free of estrogen


Glasslock is completely reusable

Energy Saving

Because of the low temperature of fusion GLASSLOCk needs less energy and protects the earth

Design & Sizes

Different Design & Size of Glasslock

Stackable/Fittable, Smart Design/Ergonomically shaped

Yes, all of the Glasslock products are designed to be stacked and to fit in perfectly so that users can organize their kitchen more easily. Since Glasslock comes in over 31 different shapes and sizes, there won´t be any difficulty to make your fridge look neat and clean with Glasslock.